WordPress Security

Keeping WordPress secure requires more than just a single plugin.

You need to keep WordPress, your theme and its plugins up to date. As security vulnerabilities are found they regularly fix in updates, so if you don’t keep everything up-to-date then your website is not secure.

We find that many security plugins provide a false sense of security when it comes to securing your website, they simply can’t cover all the aspects of keeping your website secure.

To secure your WordPress website from hackers you need to:

  • Install a Security Plugin

  • Setup a Firewall (preferably at server level)

  • Use a CDN like CloudFlare

  • Change folder settings to be write and execute protected

  • Scan your website and server for unusual activity and malicious code

There are some great free, and paid, security plugins out there that will help you lock your site down. But what happens if your website or server gets infected? Could you bring it back online?

Would you know what to do if your security plugin told you your website was infected with malware? Or if your server has been compromised could you restore a backup and get your site backup and running?

We can help with WordPress security

We offer a managed WordPress security service that will keep your WordPress website secure. Our service runs in the background and checks all aspects of your WordPress website for you. So you can get on with running your business, while we look after your website.

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Need someone to manage your WordPress security for you?

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