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WordPress Plugin Updates - Everything You Need To Know - WP Tasks

WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress plugin updates need to be applied regularly to keep your website secure and error free.

WordPress plugins are used to power the extra functionality on your website. This can be things like contact forms, bookings systems and ecommerce stores. There are millions of plugins available, it’s one of the reasons WordPress is so popular.

In the same way as your phone or computer notify you when updates need to be installed, you need to keep your website up to date. In order to keep WordPress plugins working and error free they are regularly issued with updates.

Hackers regularly find flaws in the way plugins work with each other and can exploit these weaknesses to install malware. Plugins are usually fixed quickly to stop these attackers in their tracks, but you can only get these defences in place if you apply the updates.

When was the last time you updated your website?

If the answer is longer that 1 week ago then your website will most likely be in need of some updates. If it’s more than a month ago, then you need to update asap! If it’s longer than 6 months ago your website has almost certainly been infected with some kind of malware or is vulnerable to an attack that could take it offline at any moment.

We can help with WordPress plugin updates

We check for updates each week and we apply any updates for you. If you’ve ever tried doing this yourself you’ll know that sometimes these updates can cause issues or break things, as sometimes plugins don’t play nicely with each other after an update. To avoid errors or downtime we check your site is still working after each update and we always take a backup before we apply any updates to make ‘undoing’ an update is quick and easy – and more importantly for you and your business, pain free.

If you’d like to take the stress out of WordPress plugin updates then why not sign up for one of our care plans and you can then get on with running your business.

As well as plugin updates our plans also take care of content updates, backups and security, all for one fixed monthly price.

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Need someone to manage your WordPress plugins for you?

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