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Wordpress Backups - Everything You Need To Know - WP Tasks

WordPress Backups

WordPress backups are essential for every website to have in place in case of server error, data corruption or hacking. They might not have happened to you before, but trust us, they happen a lot.

You might have backups provided by your hosting company, which is great, but what if they go out of business, or they have a data centre go offline? You could lose your website and your backup.

A WordPress backup is only really a backup if it is stored in a different location from your website, and preferably by a different company. You don’t want all your eggs in one basket.

How does your backup measure up?

  • Is your website regularly backed up?

  • Is the backup stored in a different location to your website?

  • Are the backups done by another company, not your webhost?

  • Have you tested that the backup works?

You can use a plugin to backup your website, and there are lots of different choices available. Once configured you can set them to automatically backup your website and set restore points.

Remember, you also need to restore your backup to test that it works. There’s nothing worse than restoring a backup to find it’s corrupted or simply doesn’t work. Do you feel like your site is properly backed up?

We can help with WordPress backups

We provide a managed WordPress backup service that will include setup, run and restore your backups for you. We’ll take a daily backup to our secure server – and we’ll check it works!

We also do uptime and server monitoring, so if your website goes down or is infected by malware, or worse still ransomware, we will take care of restoring it and getting you back online.

If for any reason you need a backup we can take care of restoring your website for you as well.

On top of backups our WordPress care plans, we also take care of content updates, security and updating plugins, all for one fixed monthly price.

man from wordpress customer service team

Need someone to manage your WordPress backups for you?

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